Auto Tinting


We at Allstate Window Tint offer only the BEST Window Films for your vehicle. Free quotes. We offer HP Performance a 5-Year Warranty Film from Suntek. We also Carbon Window Tint which is constructed with a Nano-Carbon technology a multi-layer film. This film eliminates any issues one might have with cell phones, GPS, Bluetooth and Radio Transmissions. Carbon film delivers privacy, style, heat refection and comes with a Lifetime Warranty. We also carry CIR Ceramic Films from Suntek and Huper Optiks Ceramic line. Ceramic Films reject the highest amount of heat from your vehicle. It is to be the most technologically advanced window tint. Call today for a FREE quote on your car. Keep your family and yourself protected from those harmful UV rays. Window tint also helps preserve your interior from fading. Give yourself some privacy, great comfort a sleek appearance by tinting your car today. Stay cool and Beat The Heat with Allstate Window Tint